Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hotel Bentley sale falls through.

The prospective purchaser of the Hotel Bentley, Cyntreniks Hospitality Company LLC, has released a letter sent to the City of Alexandria Monday saying the deal is dead.

John Schneider, President of Cyntreniks says in the last paragraph of his letter
"Our inspections, construction budgets, sales and marketing plans, and financial proformas clearly evidence that successfully restoring and operating the Hotel Bentley to its original grandeur is feasible with proper funding. We know from the public sentiment that it is desirable to bring back the Bentley. We still stand ready to be a part of that partnership; however, without prompt action in that direction, our effort must not only be suspended, but permanently halted."

Also in an attachment made to the letter Schneider points to his project in Oaklahoma City as a vision of what he is looking for...
"In 2000, with the hotel decaying, local, Oklahoma City historic preservationists urged city officials to look at similar landmark hotels across the country as inspiration for an effort to bring back the hotel to economic commerce. A Skirvin Solutions Committee was appointed. After field trips to several redeveloped downtown hotels nationwide, the committee concluded in a written report that renovation of the Skirvin would not be possible without a private/public partnership and visionary leadership. It also concluded that downtown Oklahoma City would never reach its potential unless the Skirvin was restored to economic commerce. The Committee also asked the city to find the monies in public help to make it viable for a developer to restore the property. The report concluded that a reopened Skirvin would include 250 permanent jobs and improved competitiveness for conventions."

To read the letter click here.


Anonymous said...

I can see that the naysayers were right. The announcement of the Bentley sale was a fraud and a deception from it's inception. Myron and Harry set up this dishonest press stunt to steal the election and, of course, it worked. Now we are stuck with a dishonest council and a ruined hotel. Not only did they run a game on the voters, the Bentley will be virtually impossible to move now.

Maybe Cabrini can use it for parking.

Anonymous said...

How can we possibly be expected to believe in or follow this city council when they deliberately, openly, and shamelessly mislead us for their own political gain. Being "caught" has consequences.

Anonymous said...

Just look at this guy's photo. Does it scream "Snake Oil Salesman" or what?