Thursday, May 17, 2007

Farrar draws opposition in race for House Dist. 27

This morning a political newcomer jumps in the race for House District 27. Rep. Rick Farrar who is one of the few central Louisiana legislators not term limited right now hold the seat.
Farrar can serve one more term. Hazel tells us he is a 42-year-old assistant district attorney for Rapides parish and that he will announce his candidacy on the courthouse steps. The former marine calls himself a republican. His resume says at one time he worked as a border patrol agent.

Newschannel 5 anchor/reporter Al Quartemont did some research, and says it's ironic to note as assistant DA, Hazel will directly benefit from a bill sponsored by Farrar that increases the pay for that position to 45-thousand dollars.

The bill passed the house Tuesday and moves on the senate for debate.


Anonymous said...

Hazel is a topnotch guy. Farrar has been a big supporter of the DA's since he has been in the legislature.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad this man is running against Rick Farrar. It's about time District 27 elects someone who will actually represent the interests of the people in their district, and not the interests of Farrar's pushers.

Anonymous said...

It is Way past time that District 27 elected someone with morals and character. Farrar has never sponsored a single bill that did not benefit Farrar or his politics. His method of campaigning is to throw dirt and play dirty. People are tire of his kind.

Anonymous said...

I hear Farrar is running scared and based upon the whispers so far he has reason to. This Hazel guy is perfect for our district and is everything Farrar never has or will be. Should be similar to Judges race where the old style politics that got Farrar elected will backfire and he will find himself out of office soon.