Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chris Roy, Jr. to run for House District 25 Seat

It has been widely speculated that someone would jump into the race for District 25 other than the current list of former Alexandria Police Chief Glen Beard, a democrat and Lance Maxwell, a republican.

Thursday Chris Roy, Jr., a democrat, made it official and announced via email his candidacy for the seat being vacated by Charlie Dewitt a one time Speaker of the House, and term limited legislator.

Undoubtedly much will be made of Mr. Roy running while his brother holds the office of Mayor of Alexandria. The Roy family is making their mark on central Louisiana politics with this announcement.

Roy, Jr. says that as a member of the House of Representatives he will focus on improving education and fully funding our schools, creating better job opportunities and making healthcare more accessible and affordable.

Stay tuned to for what we hope will be an interesting Video Blog with Candidate Roy. In the meantime click here for a link to the Video Blog we did with Glen Beard who used the blog as an official announcment of his intention to run for office before he drew opposition.


Anonymous said...

sheeeesh! Another white southern law graduate.

Anonymous said...

Just like Lance Maxwell.

What's wrong with Southern Law? What's wrong with being a white person who graduated from Southern Law?

Michele, why is this comment even relevant?

It's cloaked racism. Good to know you encourage this type of analysis, and yes, you are encouraging it because you moderate comments.

Blogger said...

I agree - the comment above should not have been published. Nor for that matter the comment on Mr. Alexander in the post below. They are both negative.
However, the posts about Mr. Sanders where published and I felt unless there is an expletive I had a responsibility to push it through in the interest of fairness to all candidates.
The research I am doing with fellow journalist bloggers on what to publish and what not to publish is helping me understand the process better, but that does not mean I will not make mistakes.
My apologies.

another view said...

Michele, I respectfully disagree. Perhaps the tone of the postings is inappropriate but the fact that white boys of privilege either chose or are limited to an inferior institution is part of who and what that candidate is. If their education, training and educational work ethic is off limits then we just have to make our choice on popularity or looks.

I am not sure that I understand the comment on Alexander but if it relates to certain allegations that would directly reflect on his character, then it is not only fair game but essential relevant information which a candidate should certainly anticipate being discussed.

I don't know where you should draw the line but I cannot imaging applying criteria that block discussions of a candidate's credentials or reputation. But then, you are the moderator.

Anonymous said...

Chris is a graduate of LSU law school.

Blogger said...

Thank you for your input. I recall at least one or two critical comments about my always saying "a work in progress" about this blog. I believe if you stop growing and tweaking you sink. I prefer to swim, so I will continue to navigate through the blogosphere and make public mistakes along the way. I am comfortable with that.
Thanks for taking part in the conversation.

MsCathyInAlex said...

"He is a graduate of Holy Savior Menard High School, Louisiana State University and the Southern University Law Center."

Hmmm....looks like he DID go to Southern for law school. And don't be so upset about about the remark that he's another white, Southern grad. Everybody knows when you can't cut it at LSU, you go to Southern.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter how you phrase it. Any criticism based on the race of a person graduating from Southern Law is not relevant. We can all agree that a candidate's education is important, but the criticism offered in Ms. Godard's "blog" is racist in tone. It implies Southern is an inferior school and that any white person who would earn a degree from a historically-black university is somehow questionable. What is ironic is that the two leading candidates from both parties graduated from the same school.

Ms. Godard, you're walking a very thin line as both a journalist who must adhere to FCC regulations and ethics standards and as a "blogger" who encourages and promotes comments that explicitly exacerbate racial divisions.

Greg Aymond said...

I am an LSU law Center graduate, and it is a fact that fewer Southern Law graduates pass the bar examination. However, in law school many of our professors told us that law school did not teach the law but taught us to think like lawyers. We all have the same law books and regardless of where one graduated from law school, the time and hard work one puts into a case places all of us on an equal playing field. Some of the best lawyers in town are Southern graduates, as are some of the worst. The same can be said for LSU, Tulane and Loyola. A lawyer's ability is seen through their work after law school. Chris Roy, Jr. is one of those that is in the good lawyer category.

Anonymous said...

My main concern with Chris Roy, is that he is Jaques Roy's brother. Not that I have anything against the Alex Mayor, but I have to wonder if Chris Roy is running for the interest of the district, or if he is running for the interest of his family and friends. We are already beginning to see evidence of Jaques Roy helping his friends and family out with sweetheart deals and soforth. How can we not wonder this about Chris Roy?

steve said...

To anonymous 3:31 a.m. Take a chill pill dude, you sound just like a lawyer threatening a lawsuit. Political correctness has run amok in this country and you're one of the reasons. Shut the hell up and smell the coffee.

Tulane grad said...

Southern Law School is substantially inferior to the other three in the state by objective standards universally accepted in the academic and professional community. It rated poorly in quality of admits, legal research and scholarly writing, and bar exam passage rate. Those are simply the facts, like them or not. Nothing racist about wondering why a person went to that institution instead of another one and white people of privilege are particularly suspect.