Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cancer research and screening - NOW!

This is an easy one to get behind. There was a time when many of us only heard of people struck with cancer. Now, it is common to have a person in your life not only diagnosed with cancer but killed by it.

You can call him what you want but Lance Armstrong is putting a face on the fight to demand cancer screening and better research. I received this letter today and a local event in the Coughlin Saunders Performing Arts Center sponsored by Lifeshare Blood Centers today from 9am until 6pm needs your help as well.

Please consider doing what you can today. It could save the life of someone you love tomorrow.

Amplify their voice.
Dear Michele:

As you read this, advocates from across the country are to descending on our nation's capital and demand change from our elected officials. I’m here with them, but our voices alone will not make a difference – we need your help.

Take a moment to contact your elected officials and demand change.

Today on LIVESTRONG Day we will announce The Cancer Screening, Treatment and Survivorship Act of 2007. It is a bold step toward applying what we already know in order to save hundreds of thousands of lives.

We need your voice as we take this step to make cancer a national priority. Two hundred advocates will be visiting Capitol Hill, thousands will be participating in local LIVESTRONG Day events – even the Empire State Building is going yellow! Unite with us today by sending a letter to your elected officials.

We know that 1/3 of all cancer deaths could be prevented by screening, prevention and early detection. The Cancer Screening, Treatment and Survivorship Act of 2007 will make sure screenings are made available earlier and that more research is being done to develop screenings for other types of cancer.

Applying what we know is only half the battle. People die every day from terminal cancers such as lung and pancreatic cancer – but very little is known about how to detect and treat those diseases early enough to decrease mortality. For these people, research is the answer. So we’re calling for targeted research towards cancers for which there is currently no recommended screening.

In 1971, there were three million cancer survivors. Now there are more than 10.5 million of us. We’re making great strides in the fight against cancer, but now is not the time to rest.

Today is LIVESTRONG Day –take a stand today and tell your elected officials to support The Cancer Screening, Treatment and Survivorship Act of 2007 .

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