Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tell John Kennedy what to do with the money.

The Louisiana State Treasurer John Kennedy is in Alexandria today to discuss the loads of money our state will have for roads among other things. He has been pounding his fists and giving a message to the people about fiscal responsibility since being told in essence he can not do his job the "Recovery Authority" will. Remember them? They administer the Road Home program.

The idea behind this blog originally was to gather thoughts from the blogosphere and be a middle man in between the news maker and the public.

Do you have a question for Mr. Kennedy? We have an appointment with him later today.

Here are some links that might encourage you.
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Look he has a blog! - John Kennedy Blog
The Town Talk - Our view: Accountability in letter of law, not in reality

We would be happy to pose your question to Mr. Kennedy. Our first question, what office are you running for next?


wst... said...

whats the latest on SB14? will it make it out of senate & governmental affairs? why hasnt sec'y kennedy's blog been updated since 17 december 2006?

wst... said...

make that 17 december 2005.

Anonymous said...

How could you consider saying we should take surplus money and pump up the retiremnet system for state employees. What a waste of money.

Anonymous said...

I am offended by your allowing such a hateful propaganda picture on your site by "we saw that" comparing our President to Adolf Hitler.

blogger said...

My apologies, it never dawned on me because I am so used to the graphics this blogger uses.
I know from my studies, you either accept the comment as whole or reject it there is no editing the material. The question was a good one so I decided to push it through and never even looked at the animation.

Anonymous said...

While it seems to be commonplace to lash out any government official or employee as if all were evil, state employees have served with the understanding that a retirement plan was part of their compensation. With that said, it is a debt that we, the state, owe to them and needs to be funded as a matter of doing what was promised.