Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Race for High Sheriff - Cenla Style

Today in the Paragon Casino candidates for the Avoyelles Parish sheriffs race gather for a debate. Longtime Sheriff Bill Belt is not running for reelection and we're told this race could be one to watch. What are the major issues facing the area and how can a new sheriff help improve law enforcement? If you have insight your comments are welcome. We will be on our toes for any election irregularities...

And speaking of election irregularities and sheriffs races, the Rapides Parish race is like a bomb waiting to go off with someone (unnamed) lighting a big fuse earlier this week.

KALB-TV news was contacted with a tip there are activities going on within the sheriffs office that are against the law(whose law we haven't figured out). We take calls like this frequently during election season and unless there is a credible and verifiable complaint that has been filed with the Elections Commission we take a pass. The majority of the complaints right now center around election signs but there are more serious issues being brought to us.

In response KALB-TV ran an item explaining where to go if there are election complaints. Nothing on the radar worth sharing yet unless we missed something, did we?
On the blogosphere this blog has been created to follow the Rapides race.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you weren't premature in reporting false information. Since the Sheriff of certain parishes are considered to be pretty powerful, new elections are going to bring out alot of bad qualities in people; and I'm not talking about the candidates.

Being that the frontrunner in the Rapides Parish race is currently employed by the RPSO, he is a huge target for baseless attacks. I have a feeling that as time goes by, more attacks will come, as the candidates become more threatened.

It is really a shame, that certain candidates and their supporters feel the need to attack another candidate (and THEIR supporters), I guess to detract from their inadequacies.

Anonymous said...

Michelle: if I posted that comment a bunch of times, I apologize. This comment moderation is a little tricky to me!

blogger said...

No only came through once.