Monday, May 21, 2007

City of Alexandria sued over utility rates.

This is the item we ran tonight on KALB-TV.
The City of Alexandria is being sued in a class action lawsuit filed by Shreveport attorney Larry English.
The suit claims the city has over charged its rate payers for utility costs.

The lawsuit claims “...the City has over charged plaintiffs and class members on their utility accounts for a period of time dating from 1997 to the present.”

One note, English you may recall is the attorney for Bridgette Brown. Brown a local attorney was removed from the Cleco lawsuit by city administration.

The Cleco case is in mediation and last word has not publicly taken any steps forward.

We'll have more on this story as it develops and have been in contact with the Mayor's office for a response but have not heard back yet.


Anonymous said...

I thought that plaintiffs had to be named and the court had to permit certification as a class action. If the city charged rate payers according to its cost and when there was some suspicion of excess cost, brougt a lawsuit to recover, where is the fault of the city.

But remember, this is the guy who thought his freedom of speach was pursuant to the 5th Amendment. No class in this class action.

Anonymous said...

This is the THIRD opposing side that Bridget has been on in this controversy. Does the state bar ignore this kind of conduct?

Anonymous said...

English and Brown both deserve to be disbarred, sued, and embarrassed statewide because of this media stunt, because that is all this is.