Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech Shootings...i-report makes it's mark.

There are so many questions right now and few answers to the mystery of how at least 30 people could have been killed in a mass shooting on the Virginia Tech campus.
KALB has a connection to this story as our sister station WSLS is located in Roanoke, Virginia and has been in wall-to-wall coverage since this morning. You can watch the local coverage at
The CNN i-report video detailing the shots fired from Jamal Albarghouti a student from Virginia Tech will certainly become the focus of how the Internet can help bring perspective to a live breaking current event by allowing eye witnesses to contribute to content.
Do you have a connection to Virgina Tech? We are told there are students from central Louisiana who attend the school and are looking for local connections. With that said, this is certainly the time to keep the families effected by this terrible shooting in our hearts and take a moment to pray for their recovery.

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