Friday, April 20, 2007

Multimedia manifesto force media to look inward.

Poynter Online is where those of us willing to listen and learn from journalists who seek excellence each day gather. The non-profit organization met Thursday to review what has become a huge issue in our industry...ethics. Judging from the comment section in my last post it is clear, we better learn to listen to the public disappointment with our decisions or face a complete meltdown in trust.
Here is part of the statement from NBC News president Steve Capus of NBC sent to Poynter as they gathered to discuss the ethics of releasing the multimedia manifesto from the VT shooter :

"I want to take a moment to explain our decision. I assure you it was not taken lightly. It was only done after careful consideration and with great sensitivity to the families and friends of the victims and the entire community of Virginia Tech."

I briefly met Capus at an NBC meeting last year and found him to be a humble and kind man for having been identified as one of the most powerful men in the media. I believe the question is do you? And what effect will your disgust over how this situation was handled effect your feelings about KALB? Comment moderation is off...go to town.


Pawpaw said...

The bad guy at NBC? Whassisname? All he showed is that the feelings of the victims and their families did not matter one iota in his quest for market share. His arguments were the eqivalient pf putting lipstick on a pig. He's not fooling anyone, and he's annoying the pig.

KALB, of course, played the sycophant in this little theatre of disgust.

As TV stations go around my house, KALB is increasingly irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

I've not watched any network news for years unless it's to check to see how they're covering certain things. I'm never disappointed to learn that my lack of trust of the big three networks is still intact. They are still liberally biased and will produce everything they can to show conservatives in a bad light. They'll do anything or say anything to help the liberals get back in power of the White House.

While I'm not happy with the fiscal irresponsibility of recent years I would still never vote for a democrat since all they know is RAISE TAXES and buy votes of the lazy.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, reading your blog has enforced the notions of the news media I have discovered with people "on the street". We can only hope that you get the point across to the media powers that be. No dount the owners and investors of a media source have the same right to make a profit and pay expenses as does any other businesss. However, unlike other businesses, the news media attempts to hold itself out as something special and holding a higher place in society than other businesses. The little respect the public holds for the media still is for shows like 20/20 and 60 Minutes. From what has been said on this blog, it is clear that many people feel that profit is the primary motive of the media. One example is local TV staions refusal to grant waivers that allowed satelite customers to watch East and West Coast networks, in different time zones. Was this to insure the local station's advertisement revenues? The media will have to be more open to the public about its profit motivations.