Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cyber-bullies could land in court?

Before the Virginia Tech shooting post a discussion was getting notice on the issue of cyber-bullies. If you have not looked at the comments they may be worth your time.

One local attorney says the following "Several local lawyers have met and discussed these issues, as well as with an LSU law professor. As blogs are a relatively new technology, legal procedure have not yet caught up with it.Recognizing that blog have a great potential for misuse, several national suggestions for a code of blog ethics have been suggested. Basically, these have been modified from codes for journalists."

I bet that does not sit well with some of you since I have heard about a "lack of code of ethics" for local journalists. The issue does have local relevance since one blog in particular seems to spin out of control with defamatory remarks.
Could local cyber-bullies someday land in court?

On another note, a former central Louisiana reporter Josh Green is doing excellent work reporting on the Virginia Tech situation. Journalists like him are the future of the media, both savy and sensitive. He is someone to be proud of and we wish him well, that is not an easy assignment by any means.

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