Saturday, April 14, 2007

This is an interesting idea.

Susan Armand of Alexandria wants to hear from you if you have been the victim of theft. She wants you to email her at Ms. Armand says she will compile a list and then publish a newsletter so "we can compare notes to see if anything is being done about the crime in our community."

This sounds like one person could make a difference. Imagine if the people who are the victims of crime start organizing the information and finding the items taken in local pawn shops? Could it become the peoples "crimestoppers." Does anyone see problems with the idea?


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't people do better to contact the police. Just a thought. Has she talked to her neighbors? Do they have a neighborhood watch. I do feel bad about the man with the wife in the hospital, but where were his neighbors? Didn't they notice anything, or did they not even notice that he and his wife were gone? Talk with your neighbors, let them help you, be a part of your community. Let the police know, can't they increase patrols when you are away? Get a security system.

blogger said...

You are right. APD does seem to be committed to the community policing idea which has been shown to be effective. I think her intent is to bring light to theft, often the type of crime we have been told local police can act a bit ho-hum about keeping track of.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to fuss and fight with the City about the money being stolen from me each month, when I pay my utility bill. I mean, yes, she has a wonderful point, but to me, stealing is stealing.