Thursday, April 12, 2007

One dead, two injured - 2 construction accidents...

First today two men were taken to Rapides Regional following a construction site accident south of Woodworth this morning.

RPSO says the men were part of a crew working on the widening of Highway 165 at Fish Hatchery Road. The men were apparently working in a hole when it collapsed. A Diamond B Construction spokesperson says the men were subcontractors.

This accident comes one week after another construction accident. That accident on Highway 28 east took the life of 20 year old Mack Doyle of Pineville.

In that accident Pineville Police say the worker was in some type of ditch when it apparently collapsed. Doyle was taken to Rapides Regional and later died.

Do you have a comment on these accidents? If you were the reporter who would you hold accountable?


Anonymous said...

Hold accountable??!! what were the circumstances, were they acting as subcontractors or employees. If they were working in a ditch or installing concrete culverts, were there steel retainers being used to protect against a cave in? What type of soil were they woking in? Was it sandy loam, that weakens when wet? You cannot just ask the question "Who should we as the media hold accountable?" There are a gazillion questions, a few that I just gave, that need to be asked b/f you start pointing fingers.

Anonymous said...

If you were the reporter who would you hold accountable?

I did not think that a reporter's job description included becomming judge and jury. I believe that it will be the function of OSHA, the Office of Worker's Compensation, insurance companies, courts and others, to determine who is accountable. Is not a reporter supposed to unbaisedly report simply the facts, and maybe, the various sides of a controvery? I was under the impression that only editorials drew conclusions. If reporters are allowed to do so, are they qualified to do so?

blogger said...

Mr. Aymond,
Thank you for your input. The term "holding the powerful accountable" is a way to characterize what agressive reporters do. They ask the tough questions the viewers/readers would want to ask themselves. Look at the post above. Those are tough questions for the people running the construction site. They are helpful and although it is not correct to say we are pointing fingers, the idea of knowing what to ask and being assisted by a blogger who knows better is what makes this vehicle so interesting.
Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting thought, perhaps it was the fault of the worker. Ever think of that? It seems to me that the press always wants to hold anyone but the person responsible for their own actions.

Anonymous said...

How about not worring about pointing the finger at someone and just worry about the hurt that these families are going through ever think of that?????? It doesn't matter who was at fault, that is a young mans live that was taken from him, his family and his friends. I pray if something did go wrong with the worksite it is fixed immediately before someone else is hurt or killed. By the way that young man, me and my family loved dearly. And he will be missed by all that knew him. We love you mack!