Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mayor Roy "The 11th Hour is Here...We need to do something about it right now."

COA Utility Committee meeting discussion has focused on the Cleco mediation. After a presentation by mayoral staff member Jacqueline Whittle the mayor spoke up about the Cleco mediation and says the 11th hour is here.

He is now back tracking from his initial assessment when he took office that the probability of success in the Cleco mediation was good. Mayor Roy says there is only a 50 - 50 shot that this issue will be resolved and is now looking for substantial progress or the mediation will turn the other way.

Mayor Roy is saying his staff is preparing to start a request for other proposals from utility providers outside of LEPA, SWPA and CLECO. He says "if we can't resolve this we can't continue the relationship."

Do you have suggestions on where the city should get it's power?
Here is the entire 8 minute statement by Mr. Roy.


Anonymous said...

Roy is turning the heat on Cleco in a big way and we love it. Now what does that mean to us getting raped in Alexandria?

blogger said...

I think the word "raped" is a bit tough. But having listened to some of the calls from residents upset about utility bills we can all agree this is a tough situation. In the interest of fairnesss here is the official Cleco response to Mr. Roy's statements today.

"Cleco remains committed to working through the mediation process. We're also committed to strictly adhering to the federal court order prohibiting any public comment on the discussions. Therefore, Cleco will not comment further on this matter."

Anonymous said...

Well let's see ... Entergy has most of LaSalle, parts of Avoyelles - including the Marksville area, parts of Grant, Winn & Natchitoches and guess what? They also serve Fort Polk as their ONLY customer in Vernon.

Valley is in Winn, Vernon and Natchitoches.

Co-ops are in LaSalle and Avoyelles, as well as parishes to the south of us.

There are plenty of options, the only question is how to get the transmission to our grid.