Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Breaux decision expected soon?

It does not matter what side of the fence you are on this is one heck of a good story. What happens if candidate Breaux is tied up in court?

Here is the Bayou Buzz Exclusve:̢۪s_Race__3408.asp
Louisiana Breaux Considers Legal Options For Governor's Race

Breaux said his first option is to receive Attorney General Foti’s opinion which he believes could come out later this week. Breaux said that he would be “guided” by the attorney general’s opinion. “If it is a strong ‘no’ then the decision would be easier. If it is in the middle, then, I would, with advice of counsel, consider my options. If it is a yes, I would certainly proceed as I plan to be in Louisiana this weekend and will plan to campaign every moment of the day if and when I decide to be a candidate”, said Breaux. From a legal standpoint, Breaux said that he is also looking at a “declaratory judgment procedure” which is a legal mechanism that parties take to have a court decide an issue. The former Senator said that it would be best to get the issue of his candidacy clear as-soon-as-possible since parties would want to know what to do about contributions to the campaign so he could deal with other related matters, timely and efficiently and because the much of the Louisiana public wants to know what to do. However, upon further questioning, Senator Breaux said that he concedes that a Court might prefer to wait upon making a legal declaration until after qualifying occurs.
Breaux has been considered to be a moderate Democratic U.S. Senator who has had a history of being a pivot person to bring parties together.
“Political nastiness is not what Louisiana needs”, said Breaux. “At a time when the state is desperately trying to rebuild itself and bring people back, we do not need political name calling and efforts to try to keep people away”.
Breaux said, “Discussing the issues are one thing. I don’t need at this point in my life the nastiness I am seeing and just hope I can contribute in the best inclusive way possible and let the legal system decide my fate and perhaps the immediate future of Louisiana”.

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