Monday, June 4, 2007

Whittington, Landrieu and Carter comments

Again from the AP:
Officials comment on Jefferson's indictment
Some responses from Louisiana officials on the indictment of U.S. Rep. William Jefferson:
"Congressman William Jefferson has always been a strong advocate for the people of Louisiana and has during his tenure in Congress made good votes and done great things to further the progress of the state.
"As far as Congressman Jefferson's legal issues, we will not
attempt to analyze the federal indictment nor interpret the law. An indictment is not an admission of guilt - we will leave that decision to the courts."
- Chris Whittington, Louisiana Democratic Party chairman

"These are serious allegations and must be considered promptly and thoroughly by our justice system. Every American is considered innocent until proven guilty, and our Constitution provides an opportunity for both sides to present their case.
"Such serious charges against a public official are troubling in any circumstance. But having this cloud hang over our state's efforts to recover and rebuild is particularly so, and I hope the matter will be brought to a swift and just resolution."
- U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La.

"It is unfortunate that the dark cloud surrounding Congressman Jefferson and his service to the 2nd congressional district continues to blanket our people while we are still struggling to recover.
"Despite these latest headlines, we cannot lose focus on the needs of tens of thousands here in this city that are still working to repair their homes and lives. This is a sad day for New Orleans from any vantage point."
- State Rep. Karen Carter, D-La., who unsuccessfully challenged Jefferson's re-election to Congress last year.

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