Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hines vs. Kennedy - Kennedy wins one?

The Baton Rouge Advocate is reporting Senator Hines has dropped his quest, SB 14, to remove State Treasurer John Kennedy from the State Bond Commission.

You may recall Kennedy when in Alexandria recently talked about the issue with us in the KALB-TV Video Blog. Saying Hines was angry with him over the failed Bunkie Sugar Mill deal. This issue has been a favorite of Chad Rogers of The Dead Pelican. And the Video Blog we did with Kennedy has had plenty of hits with people looking for his side of the issue.

What is interesting in the Advocate article is the partial quote attributed to Senator Hines
"Hines said he was taking the step in response to senators’ reluctance to embrace the idea because of “news media and conservative talk radio” questioning “of the motivation of this bill.”Hines said the executive committee that he proposed is needed because of “the arrogant and arbitrary manner,” in which Kennedy decides what the bond commission should hear.
Kennedy’s approach is “not in the best interest of the people of this state,” he said."

Here is more state coverage on the issue:
Editorial - Ouacita Citizen-Feb28th 30th
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