Wednesday, June 6, 2007

To Blog or not to Blog - that is the question

Several of you have emailed recently asking what is going on with this blog and the comment section. Comments are now allowed only from "team members" which signaled to some of you the listening had stopped.

Not true.

The cenlamedia blog will continue to be used as another way for us to make contact with the blogosphere, but it will move into the fold soon.
As some of you know, on we have a Video Blog section which has been a destination for newsmakers in our state. The video blog and cenlamedia are a part of a project by Media General to reach out to web users and find ways to communicate.

It has at times been a slugfest but for the most part very helpful in engaging a group of people who are unhappy with the staus quo in the central Louisiana media.
There is however, one new requirement. You must be willing to have a verifiable email to become a part of the discussion. We do not have to know who you are, just that you are willing to at least identify a part of your existence online.

That way we can begin to form a community advisory group online that has a say in what is local news. Keep it clean, focused and away from silly personal attacks and online you go. now ranks among one of the top 25 website in the Media General system for unique visitors and you can become a part of that online community if you are willing to adhere to some basic rules.

Here's to the sharing of valuable information online!

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