Thursday, June 7, 2007

Local Soldier Killed in Iraq

The call came into the News Channel 5 studios today at about 2:00pm. It was a family member of Sgt. Timothy Bruce Cole. They wanted to know why we had not reported on the death of Cole who was 28 and from Oakdale. We explained the Department of Defense, in our experience, runs about three days behind the date of death because there are important policies regarding notification of next of kin for a fallen soldier.

The call was agonizing to take because the pain of the loss was so raw.

John-Thomas Kobos visited Oakdale today and has this report. We're told Timothy Bruce Cole was a career soldier. He graduated from Oakdale High School and went into the Marines. He loved being a solider and transferred to the 82nd Airborne Army. He was scheduled to return from Iraq in August but his service there was extended to November. He was to transfer from Ft. Bragg to Ft. Polk then.

We will continue to follow this important story and offer this link to the latest data on soldiers killed in Iraq.

The war continues to strike families all over America now one of our own in Oakdale.

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