Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Louisiana blogger...use comment moderation.

How many times have you seen the issue of comment moderation on this new blog? Obviously not enough. After a video blog conversation with Louisiana blogger Emily Metzgar it is clear the time has come to back off and be careful.

The interview was helpful for an online neophyte and instructive when it comes to the idea that anyone can say anything anonymously.

Although the world has been blogging for longer than many of us in central Louisiana, it is clear the time has come to tread carefully and not forget what the goal is, intelligent conversation.

That means ask questions, but expect it to take some time before they are posted. Be aware this is still a work in progress, and more than ever use this vehicle to generate good community story ideas, no matter how simple they may seem.

We are listening.

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Anonymous said...

Ok - here's one. What's up with no more "M" to "M" transfers at the schools now that we are racially balanced. Isn't that how we got balanced - won't that start the trend back to racially unbalanced schools. And why are they adding gifted classes to other high schools. Bolton has been an academically focused school with the gifted program. so if you now offer gifted at other schools and there are no M to M transfers - What happens to Bolton?