Monday, April 30, 2007

It's a new day, and Legislative Session.

Sure a Legislative Session is dry news and uninteresting. Some will say it's not as much fun to follow as a tug-of-war between Mayor and Council or following up on an any number of "rank rumors" but it is our future, and we have no choice but to stand at attention.

Louisiana blogger/podcaster Emily Metzger gives this warning...
"So, just a heads-up before you convene on Monday: The time for goat shows, lawnmower races, sweetheart deals for beloved family members, unnoticed vote changes, term-limit evasion, and lip service to vagaries like “reform” is over."

And Louisiana State University Shreveport political science professor Jeff Sadow has the good the bad and the ugly of pre-filed legislation, which I might add, includes several pieces from our own central Louisiana crew.

So what say you? What legislation are you following and do you have any suggestions for your local media on how to cover this "dry" yet essential piece of state news? We're listening.


Anonymous said...

you know why you are not getting any comments on this post, because "In Central Louisiana, the roster of departing lawmakers is long: Reps. Charlie DeWitt and Israel "Bo" Curtis, both of Alexandria, John Smith of Leesville, Herman Ray Hill of Dry Creek, Lelon Kenney of Columbia and Joe Salter of Florien; and Sens. Donald Hines of Bunkie, Noble Ellington of Winnsboro, Mike Smith of Winnfield and James David Cain of Dry Creek."

Anonymous said...

This may be a bit self-serving, but I live in the Pineville area and am currently serviced by Suddenlink Communications, formerly Cebridge Connections, and I'm sure probably something else formerly. My dilemma is that when they offered digital cable several years ago I jumped on the bandwagon and got it. Now that I've gotten so accustomed to having those delightful channels such as The Golf Channel, The Westerns Channel, Discovery Military Channel, and many other favorites my digital box is going out and the company is telling me that they have no more boxes as they are discontinuing that service in this area.

My wish is that the Public Service Commission would take up the battle to get cable companies to continue a service once they initiate it in an area. By the way, they still advertise the service on television so I know the service is being continued! Just not in my area.

blogger said...

Have you written to the Public Service Commission about this issue? I would be interested in finding out what the "official" word is about that.

Anonymous said...

I'll be doing just that very soon and I'll keep you informed as to what they say. Meanwhile is there a chance that you can dig a little locally to let them see that there is a buzz going on with this issue?

blogger said...

Sure, we have a media contact with the Public Service Commission and I think you bring up a good question. If I find anything out I will write the response here and perhaps develop a post on it.