Friday, May 4, 2007

Alcohol sales and "dry" vs. "wet" districts in Cenla.

It seems everyday there is a new announcement from a business in central Louisiana requesting a liquor license in a "dry" area.

These business owners, if they speak on the record at all, are saying they want the opportunity to grow their business. The requests are coming through the Rapides Parish Police Jury and are being rejected because the Police Jury President Butch Lindsey says the will of the people is for the area to remain alcohol free.

Some are blaming the City of Pineville for this upsurge in liquor license requests even if they are not located within the city limits.

Others are saying this whole surge in requests was bound to happen as business owners see what businesses selling alcohol are raking in with liquor sales.

KALB-TV reporter Joel Massey travelled to Deridder, Louisiana this week and has an interesting story you can watch here if you missed it. The mayor says the bottom line there is, liquor sales have increased business and added to the communities coffers putting Deridder on an even playing field with cities around it. Two new businesses have opened and there are plans for a hotel and more restaurants. Projected revenue 2007 is 4 million with about 350,000 tax revenue expected. Certainly the religious leaders would argue this is not what the area needs and point to homes broken, children abused and a general negative influence in the area.

Back in central Louisiana, next week Julie Wilkerson a local attorney representing Fuel Plus will go before a court and argue the time has come for liquor sales.

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Anonymous said...

I really never understood the objection to selling alcohol. If Pineville's dry status did anything to reduce the consumption of alcohol or the problems associated with alcohol use/abuse then perhaps there would some logic to the policy but no one even suggests that Pineville's no sale policy in any way deminishes alcohol use or abuse. What is their reasoning? Is it just Baptist church control?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This could be the most outward situation where the church controls the state. The most vocal minority gets out to vote against the majority.

Cars kill as many people as alcohol each year but who wants to be the first to deny a car dealership to anyone?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the argument of alcohol in dry districts. Alcohol should be allowed; however comparing alcohol sales to car dealership sales is ignorance in all forms. Yes, motor vehicle incidents and alcohol have a close ratio, but what percentage of all motor vehicle incidents are the cause of alcohol? fifty percent? Think about it. A motor vehicle is essential for everyday life to transport you from point A to point B. Do you really want to walk twenty to thirty miles a day to and from work? Alcohol is a privilege and can be taken away. Point be told is this... No matter if alcohol is permitted or not permitted in a district, it will not change the fact that we are still human and make stupid decisions when intoxicated. Some more than others. The simple truth to it is this; if a dry district were to open the gates for alcohol sale... it would prevent multiple people from driving over twenty miles intoxicated risking other people's lives on the highways and roads. Something to chew on.