Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kelvin Sanders - Former City Attorney to Announce.

Word has it Mr. Kelvin Sanders will announce Friday evening he is running for office. Sanders you will recall is the former attorney for The City of Alexandria. Mr. Sanders has a lengthy resume which undoubtedly he will highlight as he focuses on his qualifications to lead.

During a particularly testy time in city government last year, Sanders became the focus of an issue between then Mayor Ned Randolph and his Chief of Staff Delores Brewer. Just reading some of the links here by Googling "Kelvin Sanders of Louisiana" brings back a list of issues where Mr. Sanders was a central figure.

But now it is May 2007 and the people who will vote in the race Mr. Sanders is jumping into know him for more than what is in his Google search and that connection could send him into office.

KALB-TV has on many occasions attempted to contact Mr. Sanders for comments on one issue or another. Rarely did he agree to an on camera interview. Perhaps he is shy.
Mr. Sanders, you might want to get over that if you are jumping in the ring. It's been known to be a circus.


Anonymous said...

This annoncement shows the audacity and utter disregard for appearances of propriety, which the "axis of evil", Lawson, Brown and Sanders have. Hopefully, Mr. Sanders State Ethics Board investigation will be completed by the election. God help us if the Myron crew obtains access to state government.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. This is excellent and comprehensive coverage of this developing story. You even include fascinating background that reminds us who the palyers are. See what can be done when you are really "on our side"?

Anonymous said...

Stay tuned to our 10pm newscast for the sights and sounds of today's announcement.

Never happened.

I know - work in progress.

Anonymous said...

Running for what? I had to Google to find out that Mr. Sanders is running for the District 26 State House of Representatives seat.

Also, a well-placed comma or four might make for easier reading.

Would have e-mailed this to you (praise in public, criticize in private), but cannot seem to find an e-mail address...

I do thank you for providing us with another news source, and I hope you continue.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't find an e-mail address? How long have you been reading Michele's blog? It is plain as day on the right side of the blog if you'd cared to find it...but I guess some people would rather find fault than offer really constructive criticism. Below is her e-mail addy, if you're not blind that is.

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, journalist in that order and with no excuses made for asking questions and listening to answers. I have two names I blog under "blogger" and "mgodard" and can be reached at I am not afraid of revealing my identity, only hoping to avoid making it the issue. Sincerely, Michele Godard"

Anonymous said...

To Steve:

Michele's e-mail address was not on this main screen at the time I made the above comment. I *did* see that it was available on her profile page, but only after I had sent my comment. Now has been added here (and is appreciated with my bad eyesight).

I apologize if my criticism did not appear constructive in tone or content. Ms. Goddard could have chosen not to publish it, as I made it clear I didn't wish to in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sanders doesnt even reside in the district in which he is running. How strange is that???

Anonymous said...

I watched your clip and two things stood out:

1. Bridget Brown was actively hiding from the camera - a non-Bridget move if ever there was one; and

2. Rep. Curtis is actively supporting Sander's efforts.

Anonymous said...

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