Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Alexandria City Government and reporting the issues.

In case you have not read some of the comments in this thread below this post I have included some samples.

Now here's the anatomy of how one of your local broadcast news organizations is trying to balance the reporting on this issue.

The KALB-TV newsroom meets every morning at 9:30 am and again in the afternoon at 2:30 pm. Monday morning we discussed the issue of communication between the mayor and city council. To his credit the reporter assigned to following city developments wanted to follow up on the story. I was not in support of taking resources out of reporting on a suspicious death and pressed for Joel Massey to look further into this story. Another reporter was assigned to this issue that effects the driving safety of a large number of commuters in the city.

Was our decision a mistake? Perhaps. Have we denied the viewers of KALB-TV a look at some of the acusations flying around in this article?

Today, in spite of my assertion we should move on to the details actually present in the agenda, the real question is, are the city council members meeting in a quarum and deciding on issues effecting city residents illegaly? We will be in today's meeting watching and listening.

"I just think it is childish for the members of the city council to not reply or at least listen to questions/comments/discussion/reasoning/plans of the Administration. We wonder why nothing is being done, well this is probably part of the problem...ahem City Council."

"The City Council is made up of very intelligent and experienced men and they would never decide to not communicate with the Mayor without there being some type of issue at hand, and it is absolutely asinine to believe otherwise. If KALB is truly about getting the facts and the entire story, why haven't they spoken with the City Council President and members so that they may have an opportunity to participate in this intended "Q&A"?"

"I would hope that Pres. Hobbs would be contacted (good luck) and given and opportunity to respond to Roy's statement(s). Fairness requires it."

"This cannot be solved by the media... who only reports what they are told. It is inexcusable that the president of the council won't communicate with the mayor. The ball is in his court...."


Anonymous said...

Srike while the iron is hot. Get these guys on the record before they burrow under ground again. These are all old questions and issues but the administration is finally insisting on and requiring answers. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Secret meetings are always a problem with public bodies but according to former councilman Rick Ranson and comments to me personally from Chuck Fowler, that is a long standing MO. They said they were routinely excluded from conversations among the other councilmen and would show up at the meetings to find "done deals". Much of the decision-making and discussion would take place at Smith's saloon or prior to that, at the lounge in the Patel Hotel. This was never secret conduct, but rather was done in the open with everyone's knowledge and assent. Thank God something is being done to address the pattern of illegal conduct. I guess they moved it to city hall now that their offices and buffet are locked away from the public. Thanks for the sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Will KALB go on the air and ask the Councilmen if such meetings have taken place?