Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Dead Pelican and Chad Rogers.

Since you are reading this online we can assume you know about The Dead Pelican a "Drudge for Louisiana" type of website. Chad Rogers the creator, editor and webmaster of the site visited Alexandria Tuesday and talked with us on the KALB Video Blog about his online venture and how it all began.

When you first meet Rogers you learn he truly is the brains behind the site and is someone who has his computer attached at the hip. The success of the site is clearly that it is updated frequently and pulls all Louisiana information from all over the state. Rogers tells us he is aware of the bias the site reflects but is not concerned about that. His main goal and objective, he says, is to get people thinking. With Louisiana at the bottom of the good lists and the top of the bad lists Rogers is one person in this state looking to question everything.

After meeting him in person it is clear he is an intelligent editor with more on his mind than trying to influence people to vote a certain way. He is a new breed of cyber-journalists not afraid of saying he has no clear idea what the effect of his site will be on the political process, only that if it gets people thinking that is a good thing.

Check back later today for the second part of our interview with Chad Rogers on Louisiana politics. If you are interested in the future of on-line journalism it is worth your time.
Here are some on-line pieces on Rogers: negative and positive

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I like how you are trying to link all of us together online. Who will next weeks interview be?