Friday, March 30, 2007

Remember Royal Alexander (no relation) who worked for Rodney Alexander?

The following is an edited excerpt from the John Maginnis FaxWeekly:

Republican Looks to Challenge Foti
Royal Alexander, a former congressional aide, says he is "seriously considering" running against Attorney General Charlie Foti this year.
The 40-year-old Shreveport attorney worked three years for Congressman Rodney Alexander (no relation)
(I love how we always have to say that)
and managed two campaigns for former Congressman Clyde Holloway.
Alexander would be the first Republican candidate to emerge and he is counting on it staying that way. He hopes to get the support of the state party and financial help from the Committee for a Republican Majority. Without that backing as the sole Republican-endorsed candidate, he said, "I'm not doing it."
He doesn't take a position on whether the attorney general should issue an opinion on John Breaux's eligibility to run for governor or what that opinion should be. "The state constitution is really ambiguous," he said, but that courts "tend to err on the side of allowing candidates to run."
Foti starts with a big financial advantage of $1.07 million in his campaign account.



Anonymous said...

Ever wonder about the etiology of the term "royal screwing"?

From Roll Call:
"Rep. Rodney Alexander (R-La.), already enmeshed in the ex-Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fla.) page scandal, now faces a new controversy as a former staffer has sued his office for sexual harassment.

Elizabeth Scott, Alexander's former scheduler, claims that Royal Alexander, the Congressman's chief of staff, "engaged in a course of misconduct" that included "inappropriate sex-based comments, ogling and touching" and "sexual advances," according to Michael Hoare, Scott's attorney. Scott told the Congressman of his aide's alleged improper behavior but the Louisiana Republican took no action to correct the situation, Hoare said...."

Anonymous said...

I think it is time to take a look at another candidate for the job. It is in the best interest of the state to give him the chance to tell us his ideas, what areas he wants to improve, etc. Not saying Foti has done a bad job; just that we should give all candidates a close look and vote the best one in. That's what democracy is all about.

Anonymous said...

Staffers running for office - First Lance and now Royal - anyone starting to see a pattern among our Republican friends?

Anonymous said...

Michelle, have you ever looked into the Lawson/Brown/Sanders conspiracy theory they're talking about on Cenla Antics? It seems like there's something the public may not know.

Anonymous said...

Dear moderator: You may want to print this out and sick it under the glass on your desk:

from CenlAntics:

Anonymous said...
Pay attention to
"". If nothing else, it means that people who can make a difference are willing to listen. Whether they have the courage and integrity to actually make a difference is a question that will be answered in the near future. If we don't talk to Michele it is our fault - if she doesn't listen it's hers.

Saturday, March 31, 2007 7:14:00 AM

Anonymous said...

No one can objectively castigate Alexander over unproven charges while giving Foti a pass. A quick google of "Foti and abuse of office" will show a long-standing pattern of abuse of Foti's positions both as sheriff and later as ag. The timing of the case against Alexander--just ten days before the election but nine months after the alleged acts took place--is highly suspect, especially when you consider how much the Democrats absolutely loathe Rodney. I am from Oklahoma and met Royal in law school. I can you tell he is as ethical, smart and honest as a human being can get. From what I have observed about La. over the years, he is just the kind of person your state needs.
John Windsor--Norman, OK

chris alexander said...

I know Royal's family and went to high school with several of them. He has 11 brothers and sisters. Really one of the finest families I know. If he is anything like them, he's ok with me. I am also horrified by the extraordinary stupidity of Charles Foti. Is he really fit to serve after the Dr. Pou debacle?