Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Bentley, Mayor Roy and Bridgette...

...not in that order but boy is it a busy post meeting day for Alexandria residents and those who are curious about where the Top Story and Headlines take us.

On the Bentley Hotel and possible city involvement. What do you think? From my limited amount of time sniffing around on the blogs just about everyone is against the city getting in the hotel business. So what are the options for the Great White Elephant in downtown?

Mayor Roy according to one post on this blog is enjoying a "honeymoon" with the local media and the blogger wants to know when it will end. I'm not sure there is one. Credit must be given to Mr. Roy for having a smart team of people working for him. Perhaps they know how to control us?

...and then Ms. Brown. She has become quite a figure in all of the Cleco discussions. Is her involvement really what the rate payers of Alexandria are concerned about?

Post away...some of us are listening.


Anonymous said...

You do this community a great service by posting the more controversial parts of the city counsel committee and counsel meetings. It is often difficult to wait out the hours of drivel on Channel 4 to get to the significant parts, particulary the struggle to enforce the provisions of the city charter. Please put up the last 10 minutes of the previous two meetings so the public will see how the process has deteriorated. Thank you for this very valuable and important service.

Anonymous said...

I think the issue of city involvement in the Bentley is subordinate to the honesty issue. The Bentley announcement came at a suspect time and in a suspect way. The parties go up to the hour of closing with a big fanfare and then postpone without reason. The deal is obviously not even almost together yet and scrambling for $$$ suggests that it isn't even. In other words, we were obviously lied to, are still being lied to, and the council seems proud of it. I want to save the Bently but not at "at any cost" and if the parties are not dealing honestly with each other and the public right now, how do you think the project can possibly survive long-term. Many wonder if this is all about Silver's white elephant building, particularly now that he has had some major "changes" in his business life.

Anonymous said...

Think about it for a moment - The Bently went out of business due to lack of business. After it was coupled with the Holiday Inn & Riverfront Convention Center, it should have been a natural success. There was obviously not enough volume to sustain business and the Riverfront's contribution has been less than stellar with the lack of bookings for conventions.
What conditions are present now that were not then? I personally don't see any - which would make this a bad business deal for anyone.
As a citizen, I am not fond of the idea of using public money to fund private enterprise and would go as far as looking into the legality of it all. I am especially chafed at the idea of using public money for a bad deal.
To make the Bentley a success, the next owner needs deep pockets for renovation, repairs, and to weather the length of time to change circumstances to turn a profit. As it appears now, the current group is lacking which brings up another option. If the city wants to help someone to operate the Bently, how about approaching Bob Dean to aid in his re-opening? I cannot really understand the reluctance to help one and not the other.
If I am off-base with the public/private concerns, then I want to know where the line starts.