Monday, June 18, 2007

The Mailbag

Here are some of the emails sent recently. Perspective from viewers is always appreciated. All email addresses are protected and verified.

Feel free to visit and hit the "contact us" email to give input. A group of us read the comments and respond.

On Lowes in Pineville...

"So we saw no announcement from Lowes. They were too high on their numbers for the project. It seems they were going to pay for some road work in the area, but now they may have to drop that from the package and also scale back on the size of the store itself. Seems
the price for the old Wal-Mart was too much and put them over the normal 18.5 million for a new store. They may even ask the city for some breaks (even though the land isn't in Pineville city limits). It will be a couple of weeks into July before they come back again.
Since they've already locked in with the church and homes for a price, they have to try to cut elsewhere, so we'll see if the city has to make up for some of the difference."

"You may want to talk to the church (Northside Baptist) to see what their plans are after the sale. Lowes is really only buying one occupied home and a house that has been used as a place for various businesses for years (a small brokerage firm, a flower shop, etc.). Of course they are buying the church property as well. The church will be the biggie to concentrate on though."

"I appreciate your new media blog and understand that it is sometimes difficult to get first hand such things as Lowes announcement even though you know about it. I have to admit that it is somewhat misleading to the public to have the media allow the Pineville City Hall bunch to make every announcement regarding every new business . It misleads the public into associating new business with something this Administration does. You do not see the Roy administration announcing new openings. I am sure the private businesses would much rather speak for themselves and not have Fields grandstand on things he knows not of."

And on CLECO...
"I was visiting some friends last night and found out that they constantly have to deal with power outages the same as we do. I live on the west side of Alexandria and they live near Poland. We both have power through CLECO. We probably have to reset our clocks at least 2 times each week. All we need to have the power go out is for the wind to blow or the lines get wet. I have lived in many places and have never had to deal with so many power outages. We were in Lafayette for Hurricane Andrew and our power never went out. I know CLECO keeps a list of each time the power goes out so you can get an exact number. Information from CLECO to their customers as to why we have such poor service would be appreciated."

And the environment...

"Why is it that in today's environment should everyone but Rapids Parish, be expected to change. Such as change light bulbs, recycle grocery bags, and so on. Rapids Parish burns hundreds of gallons of diesel everyday just to haul garbage around 100 miles one way. Burning fuel, cluttering highways, tearing up highways, emitting greenhouse gases, littering highway, and so on. Just a thought."

Thoughts always welcome.

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