Thursday, May 31, 2007

Why won't Edwards talk to us?

We came across this article in of a recent visit with former Governor Edwin Edwards.

Jim Gill of the Times Picayune begins his piece...
"OAKDALE -- Laughter and animated conversation fill the air, especially at our table on the verandah this sunny May morning, but the mood, if not slightly forced, cannot be typical of this place.
It is visiting day at the federal prison camp in Oakdale, where I have come to see former Gov. Edwin Edwards, whose continued confinement should offend any sense of justice or decency."

It reminds us that we have requested a visit with the former Governor as well and wonder why he is not interested in talking with us. We are, after all, one of the news organizations he grew up with. If Edwards watches local news we are one of his choices.

So we ask again, Mr. Edwards, if you are inclined to grant an interview to your local news source please call us in the KALB-TV newsroom (318) 445-6397 and we will look forward to seeing you again. Maybe a Video Blog?

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