Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The New Orleans Levee - FREE Satire in the City

A friend gave us a copy of a newspaper produced in New Orleans described as "free satire in the city."
It is called The New Orleans Levee and the newspaper is filled with snappy repartee. This is the kind of stuff that has you laughing out loud and grabbing the phone to call someone and read it out loud.
The issue given to me is Volume 1, Issue 6. The headline blaring "City Hall now officially a joke"
Yes, it is sad. Yes, the news is at times raunchy and disrespectful (warning - this stuff is for adults) but it is funny, and some might say during these tough times it is important to keep your sense of humor.
Check out The New Orleans Levee, if not just to have a quick laugh, just to see how others in New Orleans are trying to find humor in all of the absurdity.

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