Friday, April 6, 2007

Friday...Good Friday. Time to Review.

From previous posts you can see what this blog is developing into, or morphing might be a better description. I hope it will become a place to voice opinions and suggestions on story ideas for all of you wishing to participate. The jury is still out on that. Comment numbers have dramatically dropped, proving anons want to stay that way and be free to insult along the way. I'm not sure how we're going to balance that one yet.

Here are some promised updates:
Bridgette Brown returned my phone call and is willing to do an interview with her lawyer doing all of the talking because Judge Drell has issued a gag order in the Cleco mediation. We will keep you informed along the way if that interview happens.

Myron Lawson also returned the call and is considering answering written questions via email on his business relationships with several polarizing figures. If you blog you know what we'll ask. Do you have a question to pose to Mr. Lawson?

The current owner of the Bentley is holding all of the cards and is also wheeling and dealing in Baton Rouge with the properties he owns there. Does this give us an idea of where this deal is going?

And finally the issue of City of Alexandria utility rates will be discussed thoroughly, we're told, in Tuesday's council meeting. The administration is frustrated with the negative publicity given this issue and is trying hard to communicate the facts. This is tricky considering no matter how hard they try the rate payer is still facing a big fat bill. Since the Mayor Roy's staff live in Alexandria they certainly know how we feel. Now the focus becomes how can this be avoided in the future. Can COA buy power from someone other than Cleco? Ideas?

God bless on this Good Friday and enjoy the weather, summer is around the corner...


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Anonymous said...
michelle says shes gonna interview bridgette brown and her outtatown attorney. michelle i hope you have the guts to challenge those fools on the facts.... bridgette used to represent ems before she was put on the city's case by her friend the city attorney. this isn't about race.... it's about money.... and bridgette's freaking out because she's not going to get paid for the work she never did in the first place. look into all of this michelle whenever you interview the lawyer... ask her what work she did... ask her how she got put on the case... ask her if she has any experience in utilities litigation like the guys in baton rouge.... ask her how close her office is to kelvin sanders and ask her how much she pays her landlord for rent.... ask her why she said in the city council meeting that ems was sued by the city of alexandria when she should know as the attorney that never happened....

Friday, April 06, 2007 2:00:00 PM

Anonymous said...

Ask the following questions also Michelle:

1. What City contracts does Jonathon Goins have and does he also rent space in your building?

2. Has Bridgett's rent increased whenever she gets a new City contract?

3. Does Bridgett sublease to Kelvin?

4. Did Kelvin, while City Attorney, seek bonding work for Bridgett, with other entities on City Attorney letterhead?

5. Has Brdgett stated at the courthouse words to the effect of "its their time to get some now"?

6. Was any contract obtained by Bridgett advertised, and did any other lawyers apply?

7. How many utility cases did she handle prior to the Cleco case?

8. Did Bridgett stop representing EMS when she got the City contract?