Thursday, July 5, 2007

Louisiana College gets 2 million for new degrees

Pineville, LA. …Louisiana College has received a one-time grant for two million dollars from the State of Louisiana to begin a new Allied Health program. The new program will include degrees in the following areas:

Respiratory Therapy
Physical Therapy Assistant
Medical Licensed Technician
Radiologic Technology

Students will be able to obtain an Associates’ or Bachelors’ degree in all of these areas. Individuals, after completing two years of coursework and completing other requirements for an Associate degree will be able to enter the workforce and help fill the critical need for healthcare professionals in central Louisiana and throughout the state.

Healthcare is either the largest or second largest economic driver of the state’s economy. One half of the 30 fastest growing occupations in the entire labor market today are in Allied Health.

This funding initiative given by the State of Louisiana in partnership with the Louisiana Rural Healthcare Association will be administered by the Louisiana Board of Regents.

Louisiana College is filling a great need in the state, especially the rural areas of the state where healthcare professionals are desperately needed. The college will build upon a solid foundation of academic excellence in nursing and pre-med programs. For decades, the college has produced outstanding nurses and candidates for medical school who have gone on to serve their communities. With this one-time grant from the state of Louisiana, Louisiana College will be able to develop a new academic program that will continue to grow and educate students from across the state.

The new Allied Health program will begin this August with the fall semester. Students interested in these areas should contact the Louisiana College Office of Admissions for additional information (318) 487- 7259. Individuals who apply to enter the Allied Health program this fall will be eligible for additional scholarships specifically for students in the Allied Health program.

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