Friday, April 27, 2007

Well said Anon... and now to the Governors race.

In my last post titled 2 Assistants dumped, everyone happy an anonymous commenter says the following:
"We can't expect two or three people to do the work of ten people, and I applaud Roy for recognizing Alexandria is a mega-million dollar corporation in need of a strong and intelligent staff, each responsible with their own duties. I'm also glad he broke down Lamar White's and Jaqueline Whitle's jobs, because I wondered why one was a publicist and one was a public relations person. It now sounds to me both have a bunch of different responsibilities."

I agree, that further defining what the special positions created on the mayors staff are and who will hold them is important, if only to continue the transparency promised during the campaign. Frankly, this entire episode might have been avoided had there been more communication with all of the parties involved including the local media. I look forward to the day when there is more trust among the administration and the people who are charged with informing the residents of Alexandria on the use of their tax money.

Now on to the race for Louisiana governor. Could Governor Blanco run after all? I just can't help but think of the possibility. KALB-TV is in the process of setting up a gubernatorial debate and now I am inspired after watching part of last nights MSNBC democratic party debate. Wouldn't it be interesting to see Mr. Jindal and Mrs. Blanco go at it. Hillary vs. Obama Louisiana style?


Anonymous said...

Michelle, noticed something about your blog today. You are actually giving opinion. Is that wise? Are you saying Roy could have a better relationship with the council if you were consulted? Be careful. You will be a target now.

Anonymous said...

Trust is earned. I cannot see how a newly elected mayor would trust a media that has turned a blind eye to the antics of this city council for years.

blogger said...

It is a slippery slope into the world of opinion. Thank you for the warning... but I have to tell you this blog is just a work in progress and we are all feeling our way through this. When I say "we" I mean everyone in the media. Just surf the net and you will find examples of all sorts of interesting samples of work from journalists online.
I obviously disagree with the charge we have a "blind eye" toward the antics of any elected official. We are simply taking the information in and churning it out as carefully as possible without bias.

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in what about the "debate" last night that inspired you. I would hate to see any of those liberal hypocrites get in the White House.